A hindu name, female, meaning: ‘little sister’.

This HPA was a redesign and improved version of Abhilasha, with a slightly smaller wing span (hence the name). She was designed, built, and flown in 2015, on behalf of the Belgian prime-time TV show ‘Het lichaam van Coppens’. In this TV-show, the brothers Coppens attempt various scientific challenges, pushing limits, and having fun. One of their questions was; ‘Can we fly using our own muscle power, in a homebuilt aircraft?’

One of the design drivers was that the HPA should look like it was built with materials from a hardware store. Therefore, no improved version of Anjali or a Daedalus type HPA, but focusing on simplicity. The result is an HPA that most definitely can fly, costs very little, and is built from simple materials.

A short film clip shows how Mathias makes his first flight and is thrilled with the experience!