There is lots of information about human powered flight and human powered aircraft on the internet. A brief selection:


This British club organises the annual Icarus Cup, an HPA competition where pilots and teams can score points by flying various tasks such as: distance, duration, figure-of-eight.

Project Vliegfiets

The website of the first successful Dutch HPA project. It also contains some images of the other two HPAs of Jesse van Kuijk. This website is the predecessor of SHPFN.

Pictures of the Gossamer Condor, Gossamer Albatross, and Gossamer Penguin

Donald Monroe photography

Donald Monroe made beautiful photographs of the development of the Gossamer series of HPAs between 1976-1979.


The Japanese Team-F is a team of dedicated engineers who developed their own high-performance HPA and competed in the JIBR several times. They want to break the world speed record for HPAs.

Propdesigner (WayBack Machine cached paginas)

This website is no longer active, but was a treasure trove of HPA information and pictures. Parts of it can still be accessed through the WayBack machine.