Who are we?

SHPFN is founded by Dutch HPA designer and HPA pilot Jesse van Kuijk, who made the first successful HPA flight in the Netherlands. The board consist of 3 members. Our Partners help our realize our goals, supported by our Committee of Recommendation.

Chair: Jesse van Kuijk, PhD
HPF design expert and HPA pilot. Obtained his doctorate in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology.
Secretary: René Nies
Treasurer: Johan Saanen
What does SHPFN do?

Designing, building, and flying HPAs are wonderful and fulfilling activities. The feeling of truly flying using your own muscle power is an enchanting experience and leaves lasting memories! Because HPAs are large and wind-sensitive, they are a rare type of aircraft. In all of Europe, there are currently less than 10 airworthy HPAs. The human powered flight community is substantial, very international, and keeps in touch regularly. SHPFN was founded to help this awesome engineering sport gain more publicity in the Netherlands.

We have several goals:
– Be a point of contact and a platform for sharing knowledge and experience of all human powered flight related topics.
– Designing, developing, and flying HPAs.
– Contribute to aerospace engineering sector by researching lightweight structures and materials, and better low-speed aerodynamics.
– Join international human powered flight meetings, gatherings, and competitions, such as the yearly Icarus Cup in England.
– Securing funding, allowing us to pursue the above goals.

The foundation is looking for sponsors and donors who want to support our non-profit activities. Our first goal is to get a HPA developed to fly regularly in the Netherlands.